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2008 Colorado Ski Season.

I’m posting this here also, as I had an idea. I’m wondering if anyone in the New Media arena has been covering or is currently covering the Colorado Ski Resorts and events and in general the Colorado Ski scene? Please feel free to comment and lets get a conversation going.


I find this sort of journalism, sensational and certainly the headline was written to only draw readers. What’s missing, is any context of the story. What was the skier doing prior to the accident? Was the skier skiing out of bounds? Were there other skiers involved in the accident? What were the ski conditions at the time of the accident? What was the skiing experience of the skier who was killed? What was the response time of the Ski Patrol to the accident scene? Was the Ski Patrol, trained and competent to handle the emergency that they responded to?

Looking at the larger picture of the story there are at least two issues that come to mind. First, the story has no background of the number of skiers that have come to Colorado Ski areas in 2008. They also don’t have any breakdown of numbers of skiers at the 26 Ski Areas here in the State for 2008. I’d assert, a few minutes of fact checking and a simple table can give us numbers of skiers over the past year, and how 2008 compares with previous years. This sort of information would certainly put this story in a greater overall context. Secondly, the Ski Season in Colorado is a source of major income for the state all the way down to the local shop owners who rely on the skiers and the ski season for a portion of their annual income. A half done story like this helps no one. 9new.com we expect better.

Skier dies, record set for ski resort fatalities: “

VAIL – The Vail Ski Resort says a skier from the Denver area was killed after a skiing incident Saturday afternoon. This means a record 17 skiers have died on the slopes at Colorado resorts this season.

(Via KUSA-TV –.)

Skier dies, record set for ski resort fatalities

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